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About us

A.n Aluminum Industries Company was established and began operating in the aluminum production field in the year 2000.

Our company works with all types of standard profile systems, including the latest series in the field and we are up to date in a variety of innovations and the most advanced technology in the field of aluminum.

A.n Aluminum Industries Company is known as the recommended manufacturer by Sahl \ Alubin, Extal industries and more companies in the field of aluminum construction. A.n company employees held training and seminars in the Klil company.
Our company specializes in massive and tall constructions and we utilize all the necessary equipment such as scaffolding, cranes, elevators and electric platforms.
We also carry out projects all over the country and own a variation of vehicles and transportation methods.
We are located in a spacious 1600 square meter industrial factory, which significantly contributes to our work force, and leads to quick and efficient manufacturing processes.
In our company we carefully maintain a high level of quality both in the manufacturing process, assembly process, and keeping up with timetables. In addition, there is a rigorous internal quality assurance certification process, following ISO9001 standard regulations.
We work and deliver products marked SI 1068.


Our company is the major shareholder of Platinum Chemicals Ltd., Akfix\Turkey and Israel importer.

Import sealants, adhesives, MS POLYMER for the construction and industrial field

Imports sealants, marketing and distribution in Israel from GNS China

Our company completed complex projects including windows, doors and curtain walls.

We carry out any request added to a project, for instance:

  • Electric doors.
  • Automatic opening windows, also for releasing smoke with European standards.
  • Wireless systems with various frequencies.
  • Solutions for emergency exits, collapsing doors and panic.